Railroad Application

Ground contamination created by engines idling in rail yards at the hump area or in maintenance areas. The current method of retaining the contaminants is through the use of Track Mat, which is costly, time consuming and not environmentally friendly. Track Mats are a short-term fix as they are limited in the amount of oil/grease they can absorb and eventually the excess oil or grease sinks into the ballast. In addition, there is a large cost to dispose of used Track Mats.

Remove the existing Track Mat and treat the area with a layer of Oil Buster XL, a product that will absorb and biodegrade the oil/grease and prevent it from sinking into the ballast. Oil Buster XL is easier to use, less expensive and included on the EPA list of absorbents. Oil Buster XL requires much fewer man-hours to apply when compared to traditional Track Mat, which needs to be installed and then removed and disposed of as hazardous material once it’s reached it’s maximum absorbent capacity. Because of its natural bio-remediation properties, Oil Buster XL never needs to be removed, rather just continue to apply future maintenance applications as needed. The ease of use and low cost makes Oil Buster XL 60% less expensive than the traditional Track Mat method.