BioBoom® for oil spill clean up

BIO-BOOM® is the product of choice for quick containment of actual and anticipated oil and fuel spills on water. Kept near potential spill areas, BIO-BOOM® can be a ready response when a hydrocarbon spill occurs. Also, Placed in a strategic locations, BIO-BOOM® can restrict the spread of an expected spill.

Many products contain a spill, though that’s where BIO-BOOM® is different! In addition to quickly containing a hydrocarbon spill, this boom will also biodegrade the contaminant, then biodegrade itself. Because no secondary contaminants are left, your disposal costs are reduced or eliminated.

When a spill happens in open water, containment is key! BioBooms® can contain a spreading spill while the PRP® inside consumes the pollution.

Whether the spill is in open water, marinas, holding ponds or lagoons, BioBooms® hold the spill in place while the PRP® works. When the oil is gone, the PRP® degrades itself leaving only empty fabric. There’s no toxic waste requiring tedious expensive disposal.

Each BioBoom® is a sleeve of white fabric measuring three inches in diameter. Each boom is custom made in lengths up to 10 feet and it weighs eight pounds. One BioBoom® can immediately absorb from 12 to 16 pounds of contaminant, but can degrade much more over time.